About Us​

We have a unique sense of how we want to portray a picture, and a magical way of telling an individual or couple's story. With a fine-tuned awareness of settings and a very keen eye, we are able to capture life's grandest, unexpected, and/or happiest moments on camera, so they not only last forever; but translate to stories you'd tell for ages.

Our Mission

Our mission is to capture your most magical moments on camera; etch and immortalize them in the hearts of those you love; provide you with pictures, alongside memories, you’ll not only cherish, but ones you and your family will love, and reminisce about for ages and pages.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unite families and loved ones; as well as celebrate human-kind through photography. We aim to place a smile on your face - one photograph at a time. Our hope is that through the eyes of our lens, we could chronicle each and every individual’s life with a string of outstanding images.

Our Specialty

We specialize in Engagements, Weddings, Individual and Family Portraits, Birthdays, Graduations, Headshots, Photo sessions, Model Portfolios and/or any special events. We tell your story through pictures, and capture life's splendid moments in beautiful light.

My name is Lynda. I’m a prior Model who modelled in 3 continents, (Africa, United Kingdom, and USA) for over 19 years. Prior to changing profession, I'd always been in front of the lens, so I understand how it feels to preview the results of an amazing shot, or the fulfilment that ensues when others are elated with the end product. Photography has always been my passion; and I’ve been inspired by family and friends to answer my photographic call. I’m delighted when I can place a smile on someone’s face, and equally fulfilled when a beautiful story of an individual’s life is told through the eyes of my lens.

What makes me tick? Attention to detail. I love design, artistry, composure, and composition. I shoot in a simple, yet unconventional fashion, ensuring mostly that I’m capturing the true essence of the individual, as well as capturing the spirit of the moment. I have always loved humans in their organic form, and truly believe every mole is beautiful; every scar, unique. They are chronicles of our lives.

The same passion I brought in front of the lens is the same passion I bring with me behind the lens. After years of capturing monumental shots all around the world in 6 continents, 62 countries and counting, I've chosen to go behind the lens to help you tell your story through pictures. My true desire is to showcase your life in the most unadulterated, beautiful, and natural form. And also, to hopefully get you as pleased as others have been with my shots and those shots taken by other photographers who do monumental work. Cheers.

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